Bespoke Jewellery

Treat yourself or your loved ones to bespoke jewellery made to your specifications in Devon.

One-off Pieces

As our creations are not mass produced, you can rest assured that your piece is as individual as you. Our makers take great pride in reflecting your ideas and personality in our creations.

A perfect gift, a piece of bespoke jewellery allows you to express yourself in a beautifully artistic way, showing that special someone that you really care. Our range of jewellery includes bespoke rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

Tailored to You

Let the designer inside you run wild and bring your creative ideas to life with Peter Reeves Jewellery. Working with an experienced and talented jewellery makers, you specify your precise requirements and desired look, and then build a wonderfully unique custom-built piece.

Up Cycling

Peter Reeves Jewellery transforms outdated, unwanted, or ill-fitting pieces into stunning adaptations, allowing you to re-use jewels in any way you like. Make sure that your jewellery suits your needs and preferences by up cycling it to your precise specifications, gaining many more years of use.